To photograph them I have to face great problems because they dont like to be photographed. They are very overlooked people in society.These girl is called “Bede” in Bangladesh.For decades they travel through the river canals of Bangladesh, sometimes they camp out on the banks of the rivers in tents for short periods of time. they are famous for their snake charming skills and offering various medicines made from plants, shrubs, herbs, etc, which they sell claiming that they can cure certain pains. some even claim they can cure illness through mystical powers. However, their source of income in Dhaka is mainly from collecting money from the citizens.They sometimes try to collect money forcefully from the public if they are not paid willingly by scaring people with snakes they carry in tiny boxes.Some of these snakes are real while others are not.Every morning they dress up very glamourously and set out to collect money and returns home after the day the done.They have families like normal people and the women in this profession are usually the main sources of income for their families.There are many types of snake charmers in Bangladesh but that;s another story.This is the overall general lifestyle of these people..